Hi, my name is Wim Lasoen. I am a professional musician and founder of Newzenmusic.org.

Playing (mainly Latin) percussion & jazz flugelhorn, as a conductor I proudly serve a fanfare orchestra and a Latin jazz orchestra. Through this website, I also like to present most of my compositions and arrangements which are for sale.

I recently graduated in basic Shiatsu and Crania-sacral therapy, and I’m currently studying Chinese Traditional Medicine. Combining different healing approaches with high-level arts didacticism, I offer creative, physical and mental coaching as a "whole person" mentor, especially to stage performers.

Finally, sometimes I get caught doing some designing, photography, painting, writing... brave attempts to create anything beautiful.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions or just want to get in touch, I'll be pleased!

Wim Lasoen


The Sheet Music

As a publishing company, Newzenmusic.org wants to bring no-nonsense, inspiring and innovating orchestral works, chamber music and solo pieces to the modern musician. Without avoiding contemporary experimental elements - and certainly seeking authenticity - we say music may again simply consist of beautiful sounds. There’s nothing wrong with nice harmony. We NEED it!

If you’re a soloist, a teacher or a conductor and you find something interesting in the webshop, you’re just a few clicks away from playing the music. Once paid, the sheet music gets delivered to you in high-quality PDF format, in a matter of seconds. Perfect for on-screen reading. Or, you can save and print it (later); once it’s bought, it’s yours, but please be honest and do not re-distribute or give away copies.

I’m working very hard to get the new webshop ready. In the meantime, you can still go shopping at Musicaneo if you're looking for more music.

If you’re a composer and you want to be published, feel free to contact me.


  • romanticism, early 20th century classical music
  • minimal music and 'post-style' contemporary music
  • big band jazz, especially latin and funk
  • symphonic orchestra + big band fusion
  • soundtracks
  • wind-, fanfare- & brassband

RHYTHM is my absolute religion. I can help you/your band FEEL (AND read!) the most complex funk & latin, from a real professional percussionists perspective. Your band members will never forget the scatting and dancing experience.

From small ensembles to large orchestras: I strongly believe in shared knowledge, strength of wisdom and beauty and I shall try to coach accordingly. I invite every musician, every member of the staff and the audience on a wonderful borderless journey, every concert, every rehearsal, every meeting. After all, music is love.


I love authenticity. Therefore Newzenmusic.org offers you fine arrangements of only the best classical, soundtrack, jazz or pop music. These arrangements will not force to add a 'signature' in such a way that the original music is not honoured let alone looses its magic, as many arrangers sadly let happen for the sake of bigger commerce. Even if asking for an unusual transcription-like arrangement for bigband, wind band or even fanfare orchestra, you can rest assured: people will hear everything they HAVE to hear: we’re not satisfied by the audience merely ’recognizing' the music.

Please contact me if you just came out of the shower thinking "Gosh, I wish I could sing this song accompanied by a complete orchestra"

No matter if you are a thousand-dollar performer or a very talented local pizza delivery girl who likes to play sunday afternoon jazz gigs; if you live and breathe music, then you deserve to try it all, no? No strings attached, just send me your stuff and I’ll tell you if we can work something out together.


OVERCOME TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES & ANXIETIES by body control, the right therapy for you and mindfulness, if needed supported by instrumental specialists and an external physiotherapist. No weird sh*t, just remembering the musician is the whole human being, not just some brains and limbs acting as a machine or - even worse - turning you in an exhausted and abused slave of mere technical virtuosity.

Quitting music overall after years of playing is not natural. You can turn things around. BOSS YOUR PERFECTIONISM, OR KILL IT, instead of letting it kill your love for music (life). Seriously, I’ve been there myself.



This website is still under construction. Come back soon for direct sheet music downloads and many more!



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Here’s a personal website featuring my «signature» music, audio tracks and biography. Feel free to check it out.

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